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Book Tour: Week Three

One more week on the road, and then things can get a little bit back to normal. Seattle and Portland went very well–thanks to all who came out to see us. Also, a special thanks to both Powell’s Beaverton and the University Bookstore in Seattle for treating us so well. These fine folks don’t have to have authors like me into their stores–we don’t make them thousands of dollars, and probably cause more work than we’re worth. Yet, Peter and Duane were not only helpful, but excited to see us.

We left plenty of signed books behind at both locations, and I think both are happy to ship books to anyone who wants them. So, if you want signed first editions of any of my books (including hardcovers of my earlier novels) make sure to give a call to either store. Ask for Peter at Powell’s Beaverton and Duane at University Bookstore.

Also, here are some Annotations for you!

Well of Ascension Chapter Seven
Well of Ascension Chapter Eight

In other news (which I may have mentioned) some small number of Mistborn 2 hardcovers had a printing error near the end. If you got one of these, please email me and ask for the missing pages! I’ll happily send them to you. And, of course, take that book back and get a new one from the bookstore. They’ll send it back to Tor for a refund, and Tor will get one from the printer who made the mistake.

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