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Book Tour days 1, 2, 3, 4 Contact!

So far so good! We’ve had some really great signings. Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!

We’ll be back in San Francisco tomorrow, so if you didn’t make it to Half Moon Bay, make sure to see us in Citrus Heights.

We’ve only had a few little bumps. One was where, oddly, we blew a tire. Or, well, we didn’t actually blow a tire. We just lost the entire tread to our tire. It was the strangest thing. Dave and I just stood there at the side of the freeway for a few minutes, scratching our heads, trying to figure out if the tire was safe to drive on or not.

Eventually, we took the chance (since both of us are wimps, and didn’t want to change the tire ourselves) and drove to the little town we could see up ahead twinkling in the night. We got there and found a nice, all night tire place (why the heck does California have all night tire places? In Utah we don’t even have restaurants that stay open past ten!) where a kindly Mexican man sold us two new tires and put them on.

I got to watch him put some tires on a semi truck while I was waiting for the glue on my tires to dry. That was pretty darn cool.

More tomorrow, assuming I have Internet. I plan to throw up a Warbreaker chapter and hit a few of those back annotations that I haven’t been able to post. Huzzah!

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