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Book 2 Done!

This morning, after another crazy marathon write, I finally finished MISTBORN 2. I clocked in at right at seven months (without prep time) for this one, and it ended up at about 260,000 words. (That puts it at about 25% bigger than MISTBORN 1, which was actually shorter than ELANTRIS by a tad.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the book down in sized during the rewrites.

Whew! It’s nice to have it finished. I think it turned out quite well, but it’s going to need some rewriting. Its nature as a bridging book makes it a little less tight than the first book–I wasn’t able to introduce quite as clear-cut an overarching plot for this one. However, the character interactions and worldbuilding are very strong, and I think the chapter-by-chapter plotting is good as well.

Regardless, I don’t get to go back to MISTBORN 2 for a while, yet. It’s time for the long-awaited MISTBORN 1 rewrite. I’ll be working on that through April and maybe May.

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