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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been down with the flu since yesterday, and am still feeling rather sick. Nothing serious, but not too much fun either. I keep meaning to do some essays and updates. However, for now, let’s just post an amusing comic. It’s been a while since a PvP comic has cracked me up that much. Mostly, I’ve been focused on Dr. McNinja and XKCD lately. It’s nice to know that my old standby comics can still throw out a great zinger every once in a while.

For those who ordered books, most of them (the non-international ones) went out on Tuesday. You may have gotten emails telling you they were shipped. (But maybe not–my assistant is still figuring these things out.) People have already started getting their books, which is great. I thought it would take way longer. Media Mail can be somewhat unpredictable.

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten yours–it can take as long as ten business days for media mail to get where it’s going. If yours hasn’t appeared in a couple of weeks, though, make sure you do email us. We’re new to this whole shipping thing, and I worry that we’ll screw something up. Also, I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to punish all you who have already bought my books, or imply that you should buy them from me if you want signed copies. So, within the next month or so, I’ll be offering signed bookplates on my website at a minimal cost to cover shipping and supply. (Probably $.50 for up to three or four in one envelope.) I won’t be able to personalize these for time reasons, but if you want a signed bookplate for the book you’ve already bought, I want to find a way to get one to you. Keep an eye on the website.

More annotations coming, as well as an update on my reading of the Wheel of Time.

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