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Black Friday Signing

Signing Details: Friday, November 23d at the Provo Towne Centre Mall Waldenbooks from 3pm-5pm.

One of my fondest memories from the my first year as a published author was the time I did a signing at the local Waldenbooks on Black Friday (a.k.a. the Friday after Thanksgiving here in the States.)

I hadn’t been expecting very much from the signing. I only had one book out, ELANTRIS, and it had been published way back in May. I figured that a book six months old was hardly a big draw, and at that time, virtually nobody read my blog.

I hadn’t counted on the super powerhouse magical powers of Bookstore Guy, Steve Diamond. He was one of the employees at the store, and he publicized the event like crazy. He liked my books, and had worked hard to bring me to the store for a signing. I had a newspaper reporter call me before the event and do an interview (the first media attention I’d gotten) and as I recall, that was also Bookstore Guy’s doing.

The event was a blast. I sold some sixty books (as opposed to the six or seven I’d averaged at previous signings.) One nice old lady bought twelve copies for her grandkids because she’d read about me in the paper.

This also, coincidentally, was the week following my first date with Pemberly. I’d told her about the event, and I spent most of the time there hoping that the cute girl I’d gone out with the week before would stop by the signing so that I could show off my authorial coolness to her. (She never showed. I later found out that her entire family had found out about me in the paper, and had wanted to come down as a group–which, of course, had embarrassed Pemberly to the point of not coming.)

Anyway, we’re doing another event this Friday, a kind of nostalgic repeat of the one two years ago. I think the store was expecting me from 5-7, but there was some confusion. I am planning to be there 3-5, since that seems like a much better time for a high-traffic holiday like Black Friday. By 7, everybody will be at home

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