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Birthday + Annotation

So, my birthday is tomorrow, if you’re watching for it. I’ll be thirty-one.

Age thirty was a good year. It’s the year when I got married, the year when I got the Alcatraz deal, the year when Mistborn came out. I’ve had a couple of really strong years–good friends, lots of fun writing, and some amazing occurrences. Thank you all so much for being part of it.

Final part of the book tour is coming up–by D.C. visit this weekend. If you live in the area, drop me an email. Since the airport Borders is behind the security checkpoint, you won’t be able to visit me there unless you happen to be flying out. I will be visiting a lot of other stores, however, and signing the books they have on the shelves. I’d be happy to meet up with anyone in town and sign their books.

New Annotation: Mistborn Seventeen pt. One

The Mistborn copyedit goes well so far. It’s slow work, and I don’t have a lot of time to do it. I’m on page 700 of 950, and it needs to go back tomorrow. After that, the Alcatraz copyedit needs to be back the 21st. So, whew! Lots to do.

Amphigory tomorrow.

And, because I feel like it, here’s a stupid picture. Sorry, I can’t resize it.

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