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Big Apple

Well, here I am in good old New York. My father, fortunately, has high-speed internet. So, I can take a few moments to blog before we go out for the day. (And, everyone note that I mentioned my father. He always complains that I don’t talk about him enough in my blog.)

My fiancĂ©e has never been to New York, so we flew out so that she could see the sights. We’ll be catching Wicked on Thursday. However, since it’s New York–and since I’m in publishing–this is turning into more of a business trip than a pleasure trip. I’ll be meeting with John Adams and Douglas Cohen for lunch. Then, tomorrow, it’s off to Tor, followed by dinner with my agent. Who knows what will pop up on Friday?

Idea of the Day: It’s the president’s first day in office. And he finds out that the world is going to end.

Something a little different for the IotD today. You could go far less apocalyptic with this, if you wanted. I just thought about how interesting it would be to have the president have to deal with some enormous crisis before he/she’s really had any time to get used to the idea of being president.

This idea, by the way, came as an outgrowth of a good friend’s story idea, which I’m not going to share here, because it’s far too cool to reveal.

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