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Back to Work

At Worldcon, I sat down with David Hartwell (a senior editor at Tor, and one of the most respected men in sf/f publishing) and asked for advice. One of the things he told me: Have a website, have a blog, and update often.

I’m still working on that ‘update often’ part. . . .

Anyway, it’s back to the old grind. It’s kind of nice teaching freshman comp and being able to talk about my real-world writing experiences. It gives the students context, I think. For instance, today I was talking a bit about revision, and I mentioned that the latest draft of ELANTRIS I’d sent in was the ninth revision. That kind of surprised them.

School is, however, quite the distraction from my writing. Today, for instance, I got almost nothing done–except, of course, for this blog.

And it’s depressingly short, eh?

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