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Back! Time for Housekeeping.

I am back from the tour/trip.  The highlight of this one was, without a doubt, the visit to Harriet’s house.  The opportunity to see the Masters’s home, the place where he worked, was incomparable.  I plan to do a longer entry on this when I have time.

I also want to give a big thanks to the Joseph-Beth chain and their booksellers.  If any of you live in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh, and you haven’t visited these stores, I’d make a point of doing so.  (Partially because they have signed copies of all of my books.  🙂 They said they were going to spread them around to the other Joseph-Beth stores too, so if you live near one, be sure to stop by.)

Anyway, there is a lot of housekeeping to be done here now that the announcement is out.  I’ll go through them one at a time.

1) Email.  I got around 650 emails regarding the Robert Jordan announcement, and most were overwhelmingly positive.  (Only two death threats, by my count, and they were still pretty nice for death threats.)  However, that many emails strains my ability to answer them with any semblance of haste.  I’m afraid I’ll have to compose a standard response that covers most of the questions asked, then send it to everyone.  I’ll try to throw in a few lines of personalized text, but no guarantees. 

2) Facebook friend requests.  I’ll get right on this one.  Some authors I know don’t friend people on Facebook they don’t know, but I use my Facebook differently.  Essentially, it’s another way for people to read my blog—I want to make that as convenient as possible.  Anyway, give me a day or two, and you should all be on.

3) The “Current Projects” list on my website.  It, obviously, needs to be switched up.   Here’s what’s happening book-by-book.

Mistborn Three:  Copyedit done, turned in.  All that is left is a quick proofread, which I’ll probably have my wife/friends do so that I can focus on A Memory of Light.  I took the bar down.

Alcatraz Two: I have the copyedit left to do on that one, and it’s due on Monday.  I’ve left the bar up for now, since I can get it done before January, which is when I’ll start on A Memory of Light.

Alcatraz Three:  Rough draft done, this one doesn’t need to be looked at again until September, by which time I hope to have the rough draft of A Memory of Light done and in Harriet’s hands.  I should have a month’s time then to revise other projects.  Bar taken down until then.

Warbreaker:  I REALLY need to get 4.0 of this done before I start on A memory of Light, and so I’ve left the bar up.  I’ll be working on this as soon as I get the Alcatraz Two copyedit done.  Bar left up for now.

Dark One:  This was an ‘on spec’ novel I was working on.  That means it had no contract, and I was fiddling with it in my spare time, with the hope of one day finding a home for it.  ‘Spare time’ is no longer something I have.  Bar removed. 

Scribbler:  Same as Dark One.  Bar removed.

Warbreaker Two:  Not sure right now if I want to do Warbreaker 2 immediately.  You see, it would come out the year after A Memory of Light.  I’m leaning toward doing something big that year—launch of a new epic—rather than doing the second book of a two-book series.  Warbreaker Two will get written someday, but the first book is a stand-alone, and it doesn’t demand an immediate sequel.  We’ll see, but for now, this bar is gone.

In addition to all of that, I’ve added a bar relating to A Memory of Light.  Step one is to do a complete read-through of all eleven books, making notes on speech patterns, thought patterns, and the narrative personalities of all the main characters.  That’ll probably take me through January, but we shall see. 

I’ll post that email FAQ here once I finish it.  And, for you Mistborn fans, I’ll have some annotations for you soon. 

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