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Back! + Question

That’s two out of three camping trips done for the summer. (Whew! Almost there.) This one wasn’t actually too bad. Only a total wimp like me would consider it camping in the first place. There were cabins, hot showers, and–drum roll–the host’s cabin depended on a satellite skype account in order to run their emergency telephone. That meant a wireless Internet connection, baby! It was rather unreliable, but I availed myself of it on several occasions. (Of course I brought my laptop into the mountains. Who wouldn’t?)

Now it’s time to bunker down and get on with the rewrites. I need, need, NEED to get through the final MISTBORN 3 draft this week. Then, after that, SCRIBBLER has been ignored since I finished it back in May, and it needs another draft so we can begin searching for a home for it.

Then, of course, there are the three other books I want to write, not to mention WARBREAKER 2 and ALCATRAZ 3, the rough drafts of which will both be due during the next little while. (Sigh.) I really need more time in the day.

You guys interested in seeing more chapters from MISTBORN PRIME / FINAL EMPIRE PRIME? (So, you know, you can laugh at how bad at writing I used to be?) Or, would you rather that I post more MISTBORN deleted scenes? Sound off on my Forums or in the comments section of my Livejournal. Facebook works too.

For now, here’s a collection of all of the deleted scenes I’ve posted so far.

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