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Back (Kind of) + Mistborn 2 Cover

So, I’m back from the second leg of my tour. The first leg, Spain, was pretty crazy–but this one (the West coast) was really insane. I don’t know how rock band members do it. All of that touring has me beat, and I was only gone for a couple of weeks!

I met a lot of interesting people, including a number of evil librarians last night at the singing/reading in Las Vegas. Thank you to everyone who came to see us, and for everyone who bought copies of the books! I’m not 100% convinced that a book tour like this is worth the expense if I look only at an earnings/cost comparison. However, these things seem to make readers more excited, and I like to do my best to give something back to them.

Speaking of which, I hope to resume regular updates to the blog starting next week. Thanks for being so patient for me! As a thank you, here are two things. First, another Mistborn annotation!

Chapter Sixteen Part Two

And finally, a first look at the Mistborn 2 cover:

I stole this off of Jon Foster’s website, and it’s copyrighted to him, so I’m not going to post a very large version of it until we have lettering and title on it. If you want to see a bigger version, look right here. (It’s the seventh picture down.)

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