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Back…and Gone again! (+ Annotations)

I had a great time in Denver–and thank you so much to all you wonderful folks who drove so far to see me. I swear I had more people from outside Denver show up than people actually from the city, which is rather humbling, when I think about it.

I get to be home again this evening, then I’m off again! (See you soon, Vegas people.) Also, for those of you who complained about the lack of a signing in San Francisco proper, we’ve added a last-minute one. David Farland and I will be dropping by BORDERLANDS BOOKS on Monday, October 8th around 7:00 pm. This is an informal signing–we’ll just be chatting with the staff, staying for about an hour, signing their stock, that sort of thing. However, you’re more than welcome to come meet us! Also, note that we’ll be going to Bay Book Company in Half Moon Bay an hour earlier than originally planned. That event now starts at 6:00.

I apologize in advance for the sporadic nature of my updates over the next few weeks. I’ll try, at least, to get in a post with an annotation or two for MISTBORN 2 each week. And, speaking of annotations, here you go:


I’ve been trying to call the books by their real names more lately. Apparently, it’s strange for people when I call WELL Mistborn 2 all the time, though that’s what it is in my head. The “WELL OF ASCENSION” is a subtitle to the real title, which is MISTBORN: BOOK TWO. I actually wanted Tor to focus on the “MISTBORN” title in each of the books, with a smaller subtitle, but they decided to go the other way. (With the “Book two of Mistborn” in smaller letters.) I thought this was a mistake, but I’ve seen from some readers that they like it better the way Tor did it, so maybe I’ve been proven wrong!

Sound off on my forums, LJ, or Facebook and let me know what you think. It would be good for me to know this sort of thing for future series.

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