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Australia 2012 visit, Signings + Updates

I’ve added some events to my events calendar. First up is a joint signing with Peter Orullian (The Unremembered) in West Jordan on August 4th. I also added three conventions I’ll be going to in Australia in April 2012; there will probably be bookstore signings between these events, but that hasn’t been worked out yet. The Superstars Writing Seminar I’ll be teaching at in Las Vegas after I return from Australia is also there. These items join my Worldcon trip to Reno, which is coming up in just three weeks. has posted my November tour for THE ALLOY OF LAW, but a couple of the events are still in flux, so I think I’ll hold off on putting them up until everything is confirmed. I will also be having another tour somewhere else immediately following this one . . . details coming soon.

This week’s episode of Writing Excuses discusses what an agent does. Dan’s agent Sara Crowe is the podcast guest, so there’s a lot of good information shared. Check it out.

The annotation for the final WARBREAKER chapter is up. As you should expect, it has too many spoilers to summarize here. That leaves two more annotations, one for the epilogue and one wrap-up annotation.

There’s also a new collection of Twitter posts up.

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