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Arcanum Unbounded Tour Starts Today + Updates

Adam here. Brandon is currently heading out to the airport to start his “short” tour for Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection. If you’re not familiar with what Arcanum Unbounded is, check out Brandon’s introduction to it here. I have listed his tour stops below, but if you want to see details, please visit the Upcoming Events page.

  • 11/29 – Fort Collins, CO – Old Firehouse Books
  • 11/30 – San Fransisco, CA – Borderlands
  • 12/1 – Seattle, WA – University Bookstore
  • 12/3 – New York City (Hoboken, NJ) – Little City Books
  • 12/6 – Chicago, IL – Volumes Book Cafe

If you would like to listen to an excerpt from Arcanum Unbounded, here is a sample of the Emperor’s Soul prologue for your listening pleasure.

For all of Brandon’s Spanish readers: Brandon was interviewed by a local news station during his visit to Spain last month. You can give it a watch here!

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Fantasy Food, with Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch, Howard and Dan met up with Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch met up at GenCon Indy to talk about fantasy food, and how to engage your readers’ appetites with uour fiction. They talk economics, logistics, sensory engagement, and goof off quite a bit in the process. They might have been hungry at the time. There is good fun to be had here, and plenty of (pun intended) food for thought.

Last week, in chapters four and five in the reread for Warbreaker, Siri arrived in T’Telir, observed by Vasher and Lightsong This week, in chapter six, This week, she enters the God King’s palace and is readied for her husband.

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