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Application deadline for my BYU creative writing class is Monday

Many of you know that I teach a creative writing class at Brigham Young University once per year. As an undergraduate I took this class from David Farland when he was teaching it, and it was invaluable to me as a budding writer. When Dave moved on, I took over the class as I feel that it’s important to give back to the community and foster the next generation of great fantasy/science fiction writers.

As you can imagine, it’s a popular class that has become very difficult for students to register for—it often fills up on the first day of registration, and often only graduate students (who get to register earlier than undergraduates) would make it into the class. So this year we’re trying something different. The class is being broken into two parts—one class just for the lectures, and another class for the workshopping portion. The lecture class is open enrollment (both classes are only for registered daytime or evening students of Brigham Young University), and the workshopping class is by application only.

Well, the application deadline is Monday December 23rd, and I’m mentioning it here in the blog because at this point not all that many applications have actually been submitted. My assistant Peter is wondering if everyone is waiting until the last minute, or if many prospective students think the competition will be too fierce.

Whatever the case may be, here’s your reminder, all BYU students who like writing fantasy and science fiction: the application deadline is Monday.

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