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Aons and Such

Now that primary editing for ELANTRIS is done, we’ve been working on other things. Mostly, we’re talking about formatting and art. Jeff, who did the beautiful art for this website, is doing the map. We’ll talk more on that later when we get something to post.

So, since Jeff’s working so hard on the map, that left me–artistically challenged little me–to do the Aons. For those of you who don’t know, the magic in ELANTRIS is based around a logographic writing system, and the symbols involved are called ‘Aons.’ They’re vital to the setting and plotting of the book, so Tor has decided to have a number of them drawn by a calligrapher to adorn the chapter headings, as well as be collected in a dictionary at the back of the book.

However, I had to do preliminary versions for the calligrapher to work off of. That meant that I got to spend the last couple of weeks working out forty different runes that ‘felt’ similar, yet were each distinct.

I never realized that publishing a book would involve so much drawing. . . .

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll post the images for you all to gaze at. Ooo. . .The anticipation!

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