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Annotations, Writing Excuses, & Superstars Special

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers Lightsong’s line, “My dear, did you just try to prove the existence of God with your cleavage?” among other topics. You may notice a bit of a slowdown in annotations from this point forward; weeks where only one annotation gets posted will be more common. The reason for this is that I’m running out of material, and I haven’t yet written the annotations for THE WAY OF KINGS. (I’ll do that after I finish writing A MEMORY OF LIGHT, during a reread in prepration for writing the second Stormlight Archive book. I usually annotate during the copyedit stage, but this year I was too busy finishing TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT to take the time for the KINGS annotations.) I’ll probably also start posting sometime in 2011 the chapters of my unfinished book MYTHWALKER that includes an early version of Siri and Vivenna’s story, but there will still be a bit of a gap before the KINGS annotations are ready. Sorry about that. I like to keep a steady stream of new bonus content on the site, but it’s going to slow down for a while. Once the KINGS annotations do start going up we should be set for quite some time though, for obvious reasons.

Late last season on the Writing Excuses podcast Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and I took a look at the beginning of the first novel I wrote and dissected what I did well and what I could have done better. In the most recent episode, we do the same thing for Dan’s first novel. Go check it out. And speaking of Writing Excuses, nominations for the 2011 Hugo Awards will open on January first, and Writing Excuses Season Four is eligible in the Best Related Work category. You must be a registered member of the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada to vote (voting will begin sometime in May or so), but members of the 2010 Worldcon in Australia can also nominate as well as Reno members. If you liked Writing Excuses Season Four, this is something to keep in mind when considering what to nominate. (Of course they also have awards for best novel, best short story, best graphic story, best editor, best artist, that sort of thing.) Now is a good time to register; rates go up at the end of February, but to nominate for the Hugo you must be registered by the end of January.

I will be attending Worldcon in August, but the next event I’ll be attending is the Superstars Writing Seminar in Salt Lake City, January 13th through 15th, where I’ll be an instructor along with Eric Flint, Dave Wolverton/Farland, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca Moesta, and Kevin J. Anderson. I’ve mentioned before what topics will be covered, but there’s more information at this website. They’re also running a registration special this holiday season, where two people signing up together can save a total of $200 on tuition. If can can find a writing buddy or someone else interested in a career as a writer to sign up with you, now’s a good time to do it. Check it out.

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