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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Annotations + Comic

Mistborn 2 new annotation: Acknowledgements.

And, because that one is lame and short, here’s a good one: Maps and Interior Art.

Thanks to everyone who has been buying and sending word of being able to find Alcatraz in the stores! (And as an aside, I just noticed that the clever, talented, and well-mannered Paul Christopher just posted a first review for Alcatraz. Thanks!) It’s been cool to see where the book can be found (Florida) and where it can’t be found (my local Barnes and Noble store). Hopefully, we’ll gain momentum on this one as the real release date approaches!

In other interesting news, the artist of that comic I wanted to post on Wednesday contacted me. (If you didn’t see it quickly enough, I linked a comic, then found that my link directed to the front page instead of the specific comic in the archive I liked. So, I took the link down.) He was very gracious, and seemed like a cool guy. He said “Just go ahead and post a copy of the comic and link me!” So, here’s the link, and here’s the comic:

|   Castellano