Current Projects
Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
92 %
Starsight (Skyward 2) final proofread
100 %
Stormlight 4 rough draft
73 %
MTG: Children of the Nameless release
100 %

Annotations + Baby Stuff

Well, being a dad is kind of tough—but not as tough as being a mom!  Pemberly has been completely worn out by this little guy.  Who knew figuring out how to eat would be so tough?  (I keep making role playing jokes such as “You just gained skill points in breastfeeding!  Soon, you’ll be a level 2 mommy!”)  I don’t think she thinks they’re as funny as I do . . .

New annotations!
Mistborn 2 Chapter 11
Mistborn 2 Part One Wrap Up

I’m still sneaking in writing time when I can, and Alcatraz 3 is progressing nicely.  I really need to get to work on that Mistborn 3 copy edit, but since it looks like the book might be delayed (so we can release a new version of Mistborn 1—more later) my copyedit can probably be delayed too.

Or, that’s what I keep telling myself.  Why can I never work on what I’m supposed to?  Maybe Joshua needs to chastise me more.

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