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Thanks to everyone who emailed me after ordering copies of Mistborn 1 through the store–it looks like everything is working fine, and I got everybody’s orders. The only glitch is that there is no ‘comments’ section where we expected there to be one. Instead, we added a ‘Signing Instructions’ section. Most of you found it; for those who didn’t, I’m just going to assume you want the books signed to you. If this isn’t the case, email me. (Don’t worry about it if you found the signing instructions section, however–I got several requests for Signatures Only, and am aware of them.)

We should be shipping the books early next week, as we’re still working out exactly the best way to do this. Thanks to everyone who has ordered so far. It looks like these signed editions are really something that you all want, so I’ll try to do it with other books in the future, assuming I can get copies of them in bulk. (Fortunately, for Mistborn One, I was able to get a good stock of copies, and I’m guessing that we’ll have them up for sale on my website for a while yet.)

I don’t like competing with booksellers, upon whom I depend for most of my sales, so I probably won’t be offering signed hardcovers on my website until after you can no longer reliably find the hardcovers in stores. Please consider purchasing your copies of Mistborn 2 and 3 from your local bookseller, rather than waiting to see if I can get hardcovers here for sale.

Two new annotations for you readers of Mistborn 2:
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen

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