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First off, two new annotations for you! They’re double sized as an apology for not posting any lately.

Well of Ascension Chapter Sixteen
Well of Ascension Chapter Seventeen

Note that if you’re unfamiliar with the website, these are a kind of behind-the-scenes commentary I do on my books. There are massive spoilers in there.

I’m up in Idaho as of yesterday, spending time with my mother–who is, in turn, spending time being a grandmother. (LimeBaby is her first grandchild.) I’ll probably be a little more reclusive than normal these next couple of weeks, though I’ll try to make some forum stops now and then. We’ll see. Email is another problem. With the MEMORY OF LIGHT news, my inbox has…well, exploded. I love hearing from you all, and really appreciate the encouragement and kind words. I’m still deciding how to handle all of it. I like to answer all of my reader mail personally, but we shall see. For now, please don’t feel bad if you don’t hear from me for a couple of weeks.

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