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For those of you waiting, I’m sorry that I’ve been slow on these lately.  I’ve simply had too much fun stuff to talk about.  Regardless, here are couple of new annotations for you to enjoy:  WELL OF ASCENSION Chapter Thirteen Part One and WELL OF ASCENSION Chapter Thirteen Part Two.

You may have noticed that I’ve begun to update the HERO OF AGES copyedit.  Now that I’ve got a rough draft on Alcatraz 3 done, I can get to the other pressing matter that I’m behind on.  After that, I can do the Warbreaker revision and I should be caught up.  (Whew.)  All of this caused by writing a book I shouldn’t have.  That’s what always gets me into trouble. 

Alcatraz had a wild ride on the Amazon bestseller lists last week, and now looks to be stabilizing in the 1,000–2,000 range.  I’ll be perfectly happy if it holds there for a while.  More importantly, I’ll be eager to see what the Nielsen Bookscan numbers say this Wednesday, as that is a far better measure of book sales.  The Amazon sales rank system is cool, but since Amazon only represents a small segment of the market, a really great sales rank doesn’t necessarily mean that the book sold a lot of copies.  (Actually, on a side rant, I wonder if Amazon has considered standardizing what people can call an “Amazon Bestseller.”  Anyone with a clever marketing campaign or a couple dozen friends can drive a book high on the lists for a very short time and become an Amazon Bestseller—which, of course, means that being an Amazon bestseller is nearly meaningless as a credit.)

Anyway, one final link: A fun comic for Tage and Garth. (And maybe for the rest of you too.) 

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