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Annotation + Wedding Pictures

New Mistborn Annotation!

And, as promised, here is another round of wedding pictures for you all. I figured that we’d focus on some of the best sword shots this time. So, first off, my brother and I:

Me, looking dapper on the left. Spriggan, looking like he’s going to shoot fire from his mouth, on the right.

As I’ve mentioned, one way I knew that I was marrying the right girl was how she responded to getting a sword for the wedding. I’d told her I was going to buy swords for the groomsmen, and for myself. She always said in a very small voice “but I want a sword, too!” And, of course, my response to this was always “You have the ring! That cost us enough.”

I’m not sure if she saw through my ploy or not. Of course I couldn’t resist getting her a sword too. I’m a push-over that way, you know. Swords for everyone!

And, speaking of everyone….

Here’s a shot of all the groomsmen (plus one groomswoman, Annie) and their swords. Yes, I did buy twelve swords to commemorate my wedding. They were engraved with the names of (or from) my novels. Yes, I’m quite loony. I actually feel bad that I didn’t buy more–there are a couple of guys who probably should have gotten swords but didn’t, and I feel bad. (My favorite, by the way, from this shot is CtlZed, the guy in the bottom right. What a happy face he has! That’s the one who did the maps for Mistborn which I posted a few days back. And, he also happens to be the person who introduced me to Pemberly, so he gets extra points!)

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