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Annotation + Warbreaker html

Remember, the sale of ELANTRIS hardcovers ends today! Sometime during the day on Saturday (though, realistically, it probably won’t get done until Sunday or Monday) we will be changing the price for the personalized hardcovers. (They’ll go up from $22 to $25.) So, get yours today!

Whew. It’s surprising how busy things are, considering that it’s the slow season (my books generally come out in the falls) for me. Mixed with the fact that I’m not writing right now, just reading, one would think that I wouldn’t feel so busy. The thing is, when writing, I can really only do a certain amount in a day. Like a lot of authors I know, I kind of have a cap (it’s between 2k words and 4k words, depending on the day and the book.) Once I hit that, my writing reserve is low, and I have to stop for the day and let my subconscious work out how I’m going to write the next section. What that means is that I can generally get up, write for half of the day, and be done–and then have time to do email, blog posts, and other business items.

When I’m reading, though, there’s nothing to stop me from just reading straight through all hours of the day, as opposed to stopping and doing other work. That, mixed with the urgency I feel to get to work on actual pages of AMoL, has made me keep reading and pushing long after I would have stopped for the day if I were writing. Ah, well.

Here is a Warbreaker HTML chapter for you: Chapter Seven

Here is a WELL OF ASCENSION annotation for you: Chapter Twenty-Eight

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