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Annotation + Wallpaper + Link Dump

First off, it’s Monday, which means a new Mistborn Annotation: Chapter Twenty-Eight Part One (and it’s a particularly long one.)

I was poking around on Naomi Novik’s website, and noticed that she had wallpapers up for her cool dragon series Temeraire. I thought, why in the heck don’t I have wallpapers? I’ve got books. I’ve got a website. I’ve got…too much free time on my hands (apparently.) And so, I whipped a couple up, using my mediocre Photoshop skills. The first one is available for download at these links:

Screen Resolution 800 by 600
Screen Resolution 1024 by 768
Screen Resolution 1680 by 1050

The art is by the talented Isaac Stewart (a.k.a. Nethermore, a.k.a. Ctl-Zed.) I got the backgrounds from a nice person on Deviant Art named merely-anger. This is now MY desktop. I think it turned out quite well. Some have wondered if it is something of a spoiler. I’ll let you speculate on that, but know this: it doesn’t quite reveal what you might think it does.

Other than that, let’s see. I really want one of these. Or, for my evil mastermind moments, one of these. I’m probably too cheap to buy either one.

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