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Annotation + Thoughts

First off, new annotation: Chapter Thirty-Five Part Two

This is a pretty good annotation, with some nice thoughts on the approaching climax chapters of the book. It’s fun to write these, since it brings me back into the books in a way that I usually don’t get to. Right now, I’m editing Mistborn three, and years have passed–in my mind–since the characters were where they are in this annotation. It’s like looking through an old family picture album and writing where you were during each shot.

Warbreaker is wrapping up, and I’m trying to decide what I should do with Wednesdays on the blog. I think I’ll try and continue to produce interesting content for Wednesdays, providing a new chapter from something each week. Most will probably be sample chapters, deleted scenes, or scraps from books I haven’t finished yet. However, I like the idea of posting some original fiction each week, even if it does make me a ‘webscab.’

I missed that whole webscab thing, by the way. Didn’t figure it out until Ms. Fish mentioned it to me on Tuesday. Interesting how things can grow on the Internet. My own charged essays tend to still pop up every once in a while on message boards. (My Tolkien one got linked on the Lord of the Rings online game forums last week. I wanted to pop on and chat with the people there about it, but couldn’t, since the forums wouldn’t let me register. Ah, well.)

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