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Annotation + School’s Out + Announcement

New Annotation for those of you who want it: Mistborn Chapter Thirty Eight Part One

Well, school is finally out, and my wife is done teaching. We realized last week that she’s been in school constantly (either as a student or a teacher) since kindergarten. True, she had summers off, but it’s still odd to consider that such a large part of her life is finished with.

She’s not planning to go back to teach next year, so I guess it’s time to announce this to all you wonderful folks. Yes, Pemberly is pregnant, and we’ll be having a child come November–which is why I’m not longer planning to attend world fantasy convention this year.

We’re excited, of course, but it’s certainly going to mean a lot of changes. Pemberly quitting work is only the beginning. It’s going to be interesting to write with children at home. The next few years should be very interesting.

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