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Annotation + Pictures

New Annotation is up: Mistborn Chapter Six

Don’t have a lot else to say today. I’m working on Alcatraz 2, though I didn’t really get as much done today as I would have liked. Had a nice chat with my editor about some final tweaks to Mistborn 2, and then talked to Isaac about the maps. Everything is coming together nicely, and the edit of MB2 turned out really well.

So, how about some wedding pictures before I head off to the gym?

A nice shot of us with the swords crossed, and neither of us have terribly stupid looks on our faces. Pemberly and I share more than one personality quirk, and one of those is the fact that we’re rather un-photogenic. Most of the pictures from the wedding were downright ridiculous.

Oh, you want one of those? Well, if you insist….

Ah, there I am, being my usual charming self. How nice.

And, finally, why not throw up a shot of Pemberly’s father? He’s a semi-professional singer/songwriter, and consented to do some songs at our wedding–including several inspired by Emily herself.

(That’s him on the left.)

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