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Annotation + Pemberly Moment

New Annotation: Chapter Twenty-Five Part Two

You know, it’s odd how this whole information age thing works. Last week, I got so much email I felt that I was swimming in it. I spent hours answering it over the weekend–and when I do that, I grit my teeth, knowing that replying to a lot of emails generally means that I’ll get a flood of counter-replies the next day. So, Monday came, and I waited for the inevitable landslide.

And it never came. Email has been almost silent today. Enough so that now I’m worrying that my emails didn’t arrive, that there was some sort of glitch in my programs, that kind of thing. You just can’t win.

In other news, my wife said some amusing things last night. Take your pick of your favorite quote taking completely out of context:

“I am the pirate with dirty gross hair.”


“In the winter, we wore tights like those. In the summer, we didn’t wear anything.”

Amphigory tomorrow.

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