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Annotation + Notes

First off, here’s your annotation: Chapter Twenty-Two Part One

Secondly, a couple of notes from good old SF’dom. First off, it looks like David Eddings’ house burned down in a fire last week. My heart goes out to the guy; I can only imagine what it would be like to lose everything like that. Original manuscripts, notes for new projects…ouch.

Eddings was one of my big inspirations for becoming a writer back when I was in my mid-teens. I still retain a soft spot for his writing, particularly his snappy dialogue and quick characterizations. Also, his Will and the Word–though a rather soft magic system–was one of the first magics I read as a kid where I saw someone trying to apply laws, and even some physics, to magic. He gave me some of my first dreamings of what I’d want to do with my stories, should I ever get the chance to join into the community myself. I wish him the best, and hope this doesn’t prove to be a major setback.

Secondly, it appears that Peter Beagle is selling autographed copies of the MOVIE of the Last Unicorn. If you’re not up on this subject, Peter has been screwed out of profits for the movie, and was never paid what he was owed. Not uncommon in Hollywood, from what I understand, particularly if you’re the little guy. (And in Hollywood, authors are always the ‘little guy.’) Well, Peter’s trying to raise money to take them to court, and hence the signed editions. If you’re a fan of the movie, I heartily suggest picking up a copy of this version. The movie’s entry at Wikipedia has more info on the controversy. (Near the bottom.)

Finally, I find myself needing to link Sam and Fuzzy once again. If you’re not reading this comic, you are missing out. Over the last couple of years, it’s come to be one of the finest available on the web. Both the art and the storytelling lately have been fantastic.

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