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Annotation + Negotiations

We’re in the middle of negotiations for rights to my young adult series, the first of which is named ALCATRAZ INITIATED. It’s kind of an interesting experience, this process.

Before, with my other books, we didn’t really negotiate. Sure, we got the best deal we could, but we pretty much knew that we wanted to be with Tor, so we didn’t offer the books to any other publishers.

With ALCATRAZ, however, we decided to shop about a bit. That resulted in four different publishers deciding to offer bids on the series.

It’s a weird feeling, I must admit. You see, for the better part of the last decade, I spent a lot of time trying to sell a book, and then break into the market. I spent years going to conventions and trying to get editors to pay any sort of attention to me. So, I guess you can understand how odd it must feel to suddenly be on the other end, having editors actually call me on the phone and ask me if they can publish my book.


New Annotation is up.

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