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Annotation + Naming

Here’s the new annotation: Mistborn Epilogue Part One

Though I usually write the annotations when I do the copy edit, I was a bit busy when I did the MB1 edit, so I didn’t get the last few annotations written. Therefore, I’m doing them now. I think I have enough material for about three or four more, so enjoy.

I mentioned Toby’s book coming out, but I didn’t mention another milestone by a friend of mine. This week, Schlock Mercenary turned seven. It’s one of my favorite webcomics, and Howard Taylor has one of the most professional mindsets of any webtoonist I’ve met. He’s a great guy, and I highly recommend his comic.

Let’s see…what else is up. We’re still trying to think of baby names. The trouble is, a lot of the names I really like, I’ve already given to characters. How tacky is it to name kids after your own characters? I’m thinking that’s a bad idea. (I might try to sneak one in that is named after a character in a book I never published, though.) Again, to me, it’s not naming the kid after the character–it’s using a name I like, as proven by the fact that I’ve used it before!

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