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Annotation Mistborn 3 Chapter Fifty-Four

Vin Is Out of Metals

Yes, Vin is saying what you think she’s saying. The best way to be sure an Allomancer is out of metals is to make them poop them all out. Vin was probably in a very undignified position over the last couple of days.

We’re moving in the story, timewise, much more quickly here than we were at the beginning of the book. Often there will be a week or so between chapters. It’s kind of hard to tell in my books, as I don’t talk very often about time passing. That’s not one of my things; my books tend to feel very compressed, as if they happen over the course of a few days. However, each of the Mistborn books has covered many months—the first one covered almost an entire year. The nature of the Final Empire, where it tends to have very mild winters, makes the changing of seasons rough to follow.

|   Castellano