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Annotation Mistborn 3 Acknowledgments

As usual, this page has a couple of inside jokes buried in it. In the first Mistborn book, I referred to Peter Ahlstrom (one of my longtime friends and alpha readers [Editor’s note: and now the assistant who’s editing these annotations]) as “the incalculable Peter Ahlstrom.” He got a big kick out of this, partially because he didn’t know what the heck it meant. (I don’t either.) He even went so far as to make a T-shirt that said “Incalculable” on it and wear it to one of my signings. (I had to think for a while to get the joke, to be honest. It had been forever since I’d written that acknowledgments page, and I’d forgotten what I’d written.)

Anyway, this time around he gets to be The Indivisible Peter Ahlstrom. I don’t know what that means either.

Ben Olsen is another friend I tend to make fun of. I don’t know why. Tradition, I guess. This time around, I realized Olsen is almost a kandra name. Ben OleSoon he became. And Eric “More Snooty” James Stone came about because he and Eric J. Ehlers got into a lighthearted argument about how they were snooty for including their middle initials on the acknowledgments page.

These are all wonderful folks who helped me in creating these books, and they have my thanks. I know most readers skip this page, which is why I like to add Easter eggs to it.

|   Castellano