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Annotation Mistborn 2 Title Page

Title Page

This title was fairly easy to choose. Actually, the titles of all three books were easy to choose. I originally toyed with calling the Hero of Ages the Final Hero. So, because of that, I was tempted to come up with a “final” title to use for book two.

However, I quickly decided that I liked Hero of Ages instead of Final Hero (you’ll see why in Book Three.) So, way back as far as the first chapters of book one, I was planning book two to be named the Well of Ascension.

I think it’s a great title. I’ve been wanting to release some books with titles that have more classical fantasy feels to them. Well of Ascension really works well. In fact, as I write this annotation, it’s December of 2006, and I’m on Book Tour with David Farland. He just got done complimenting me on the title! So, I guess maybe I’m not the only one who likes it.

The title, obviously, comes from the place the Lord Ruler visited to gain his godhood. Hopefully, this indicates to the reader a little bit of what the book will be about. Though, I do worry about this for reasons I’ll explain in a bit.

The only other fun thing to note is that I have a devil of a time spelling Ascension. I always want to spell it ‘Ascention’ instead. Curse my lack of spelling ability! I feel like an idiot every time I write it the wrong way. What kind of writer can’t spell the title of his own book? I feel like a punch line waiting to happen.

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