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Annotation Mistborn 2 Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

The actions of this wildman here seem strangely logical to me for some reason. Everything he did simply felt right. Sometimes–well, most of the time–character work that way for me. It makes me worry, actually, that sometimes the characters are too clichéd. After all, if their actions and mannerisms come that easily to me, then maybe I’m not stretching enough.

On the other hand, I feel that the characters act naturally because I understand them. If I really understand a character, then won’t everything the do feel right because. . .well, that’s just what they would do.

This is, perhaps, the most overtly foreshadowing chapter in this book. I’m trying to tie quite a large number of threads together in this series, and it was a challenge to keep them all in the air at the same time.

The events in this chapter, then, will wrap back around to things that happen near the end of this book and in the next book. Mostly, I’m showing the real danger of the mists–that there IS indeed a reason to fear them. Either way, remember one thing from this chapter. Some people were killed (and there’s a connection between the two people you’ve heard described specifically as dying from the mists) some people got away, and some people had seizures, but then were all right later.

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