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Annotation:  Mistborn Chapter Thirty Five Part One

My email was down for about four hours today, and if you sent to me, you should have gotten an ‘undeliverable’ response. If you didn’t, that means that I got the email. Either way, it is fixed now, so send again if it didn’t go through!

I’m working furiously on my current project–only about three chapters or so left to go on it–so, I don’t have a lot of time to blog today.  However, I did want to mention that the Pope has gotten rid of the concept of Limbo for children who die without baptism.

This is an amazing change of doctrine, and I applaud the Catholic church for having the courage to take this move.  If there really is an all-powerful, just, and loving God, then I personally have trouble with any religion that preaches damnation to those who die without a chance to listen, learn, or live good lives.  Well done, Mr. Pope!

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