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Annotation + Library Thing + Lady in the Water

First off, new annotation: Mistborn Chapter Thirty Four Part Two

Secondly, you may be interested in a discussion going on over at Library Thing (a website dedicated to indexing people’s personal libraries.) A group of people on their forum are reading ELANTRIS together and discussing it, with input from yours truly. Direct link to the discussion is right here.

I finally saw Lady in the Water on Saturday. I put it off, since the reviews were so bad. I love M. Knight’s other works–even the ones critics didn’t like. However, something just felt wrong about this one. I didn’t want to risk seeing one of my favorite filmmakers fail.

Still, I gave it a try. Unfortunately, it was bad. It just didn’t work as a movie. I really LIKED the Village and Signs, and Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies of all time. But this one was a complete disaster.

I tried to go into it with lowered expectations, telling myself that the plot wouldn’t be good, but that the characters would be excellent. And, to an extent, this worked. The characters were pretty good–or, at least, one of them was.

I just wasn’t prepared for how much of a mess the movie would be. The plotting was terrible, the side characters a mess, and the storytelling just plain bad. I maintain that M. Knight makes excellent movies, but this one just didn’t work for me. It makes me sad, since I tried very hard to like the movie. Maybe I’ll do an official review later where I talk about what I think went wrong with the show.

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