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Annotation + Idea

In case you’re wondering, we ARE still working on a new site design for We’ve actually purchased (though I now think we should have grabbed .org on that one.) Right now it just points here. I’m going to have to be doing some work for that one soon.

Here’s a new annotation: Chapter Thirty-Seven Part Two

We’re almost done with the Mistborn annotations, which is good, since the paperback is almost out. (It’s arriving in July.)

And, since I haven’t done one in a while, here is an:

Idea of the Day: Write a story about an odd kind of racism/bigotry.

Try for something odd here–a few steps beyond the standard. Sure, we’ve read about racism against humans by aliens (or vice versa.) However, have you ever heard of an institutional prejudice against anyone who has lost one or more of their fingers in an accident? Or, prejudice against people who were born on the wrong day? Try for something odd.

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