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Annotation + Fantasy Book March Madness

First off, new Mistborn annotation: Chapter Twenty-nine

We’re hard at work on the new website. It should be much more easy to navigate, once we’ve got it done. We’re shooting for May-ish to get it out, so until then, I’m sorry that it’s so hard to find things! We’re working on it.

In another interesting note, Fantasybookspot has a fun idea going. Instead of the traditional March Madness for basketball, they’re running a fantasy book version where various books that came out last year are pitted against one another in brackets, striving for the championship. Mistborn’s on their list, but I think I got knocked out in the first round. Ah, well. I was probably like a 15 seed anyway. 🙂

Finally, here’s a Pemberly Moment for you: “You just don’t know many vampires. They ALL have saltine cracker teeth.” (Actual quote by my wife taken out of context.)

Don’t forget my reading/signing tomorrow at the Jordan Landing Barnes and Noble! 2:00 pm! First look at copies of Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians!

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