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Annotation + Expanding on Idea

First off, new annotation: Mistborn Appendixes

I had some good responses to the Idea of the Day I posted Saturday. It’s left me thinking more about the idea, expanding it in my mind. I liked all of the suggestions that were made, but those are the way that those authors would take the idea. I think I’d take it another direction.

It strikes me that if I’m doing a story about a deaf person in a world where being deaf is seen as a source of power and authority, the story I’d want to tell would be that of a deaf person slowly gaining back their hearing for some reason. None of the world’s physicians would be able to explain to her why it’s happening, and it would be a great tragedy as she slowly lost touch with the magic and was forced into the world of hearing people.

For some reason, that’s the story that appeals most to me. I like the conflict, and I like the twist on the way things are in our world. I’d probably also throw in a romance, perhaps a hearing man? That would reinforce the theme of crossing between two worlds, and the differences between those worlds.

People often seem surprised that I’m willing to discuss so openly ideas I’m planning to write into books. Aren’t I worried about people stealing them? The truth is, not really. Writing is so much more than the ideas–someone taking that idea and running with it will take who they are, and their skill, and transform it into something completely new. If I wrote this book, it would be very my own, and would sell (or not) based on the merits of my writing.

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