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Annotation Elantris Introduction

Welcome to the ELANTRIS Annotations section!

The following are a series of short commentaries I wrote, each one individually linked to a specific chapter, page, or section in ELANTRIS. They give a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ information relating to the writing process, the concepts and characters of ELANTRIS, and whatever else I was thinking about at the time!

Ideally, I think these would be best read by someone who has completed the entire novel–used as a companion, perhaps, during someone’s second read-through. Though I’ve taken efforts to hide any spoilers, I worry that pausing after each chapter and reading my annotation would slow the reading process down and make the book less enjoyable.

However, I try very hard not to give anything away that doesn’t have to do with chapters already read. So, if you’ve finished chapter four, then you should be safe reading up to annotation number four.

At the top left corner, you’ll see a check box and a button you can use to turn on the ‘hidden’ spoiler text for each chapter. Not every chapter has spoiler text, but many do. In fact, some of these spoilers reveal important plot twists later in the book. It is my request, as the author, that you avoid looking at these unless you’ve read the entire novel. My works often depend a great deal upon their endings, and I’d hate to think that I myself had contributed to ruining one of those endings for a reader.

But, you’re free to use these as you wish.

Thanks for reading
Brandon Sanderson

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