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Annotation Elantris Chapter 39

Chapter Thirty-Nine

I did this triad a little differently. You might notice that the Hrathen chapter starts off right where the Sarene chapter ends. Again, I eventually decided to be more loose with the triad system than I’d originally intended. It would have been to limiting to force all three chapters to happen during the exact same time. So, instead I have them all happen on the same day, usually overlapping, but not always.

Anyway, this chapter was a nice little place for Hrathen to feel proud of himself. You may have noticed that the chapters are speeding up–getting shorter, things happening faster–as the book progresses. This is an aspect of my style, and while it’s not quite so noticeable in my new books (I’ve tried to even out my climaxes and surprised better during the last few years,) ELANTRIS is an ‘Old School’ Brandon novel. My books tend to push toward the endings quite dramatically, and you usually hit a place my friends affectionately call ‘The Brandon Avalanche.’ Generally, my books tend to go haywire in about the last ten percent, the pace increasing drastically, the viewpoints going wild.

That hasn’t happened at this point in ELANTRIS, but we’re getting closer.

|   Castellano