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Annotation Elantris Chapter 23

Chapter Twenty-Three (No Spoilers. Sorry!)


If you want to read more on this topic, read the critical afterword to ELANTRIS I wrote for inclusion with my Master’s Thesis. (September’s goodie–find it on the goodie page for Elantris) The short of it, however, is that Sarene is a force of change and chaos. Raoden, as mentioned above, is a master at working with what he is given. He manipulates his confines to the point that they are no longer binding.

Sarene, however, just ignores what she is ‘supposed’ to do. She is chaos. Not the ‘evil’ chaos usually used in fantasy novels–Sarene is simply unpredictable, a force that can’t be measured as easily as others. One manifestation of this comes in the nature of this chapter. If you read closely, you’ll notice that–for the first time in the book–I offer two viewpoints in the same chapter. We jump from Sarene to Raoden, then back to Sarene again. It’s a little thing, perhaps–a silly thing, even, for me to put in. However, it is representative of the fact that the first time Sarene enters Raoden’s world, she brings with her an uncanny ability to mess up his plans.

So, in this chapter we get the first real Sarene-Raoden interaction. I worked very hard on this relationship, trying to find a way to make it work naturally, yet still have the drama necessary for good storytelling. I assume that readers–at least the more romantic lot of you–have been waiting for the time when Sarene and Raoden would meet. Not only are they the male and female leads, but they also happen to be married.

One of the things all writers struggle with is making their plots not seem contrived. Moshe and I tried very hard to make certain that everyone’s motivations worked, and this is a good test chapter. Does it make sense to you that Raoden wouldn’t show Sarene and the others his true self? I think that his desire to keep himself, and New Elantris, quiet makes sense. However, I could see how some readers might find it contrived. I hope my explanations make sense.

One of the biggest complexities in this book is the way Raoden keeps his true self secret. I hope that the way he does this doesn’t seem unbelievable. To him, his old life is gone. Though he is curious about his old friends, and especially about Sarene, he can’t afford to let himself grow too interested in or attached to the outside world. He knows that doing so would only bring pain, both for himself, and for others.

|   Castellano