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Annotation Elantris Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen (Spoilers Hidden)

This is easily one of my favorite chapters in the book. This chapter really shows off the core of Raoden’s character–lets him be the hero that he is. I’ve never written another character like Raoden. In a way, he’s not as rounded as some other characters (characters like Hrathen.) He doesn’t have the flaws or internal battles of some of the more complex characters I’ve designed.

That doesn’t, however, make him any worse a character in this particular book. Raoden is something of a superman–he does the right thing at almost every turn, and his internal struggles only serve to make him more noble. You can’t often get away with this in fiction. However, I do think that there are really people like him in the world–I’ve known a few of them. By including him in a book with Hrathen and Sarene, each of whom have their foibles and internal problems, I think I avoid making the characters of the book feel too shallow.

And, there is a certain. . .beauty to a character who is simply noble. Often times, we as authors think that making a character ‘rounded’ or ‘realistic’ means corrupting them somehow. I think Raoden defies this concept. He probably wouldn’t be a very compelling character outside of an extreme situation like Elantris. However, confronted by the almost overwhelming problems and tasks associated with the city, his strength only serves to make him feel more realistic to me. A weaker character would have broken beneath Elantris. Raoden can struggle on.

In this chapter, I do begin to introduce what will become Raoden’s main character struggle–that of his burden of leadership. He’s taking a lot upon himself, and I think a man of his sincerity couldn’t help but pause and wonder if he’s worth all of the loyalty he is receiving.

Also, in this chapter we begin to get a few pay-offs from the building I’ve done in previous chapters. The foreshadowing with the well, the foreshadowing with Karata’s escapes into the city, and the foreshadowing with the child Elantrians all come to head in this chapter.

These are the sorts of little plotting events that make writing exciting for me. When they pay off–when the reader has that moment of ‘oh, I get it’–is when I’m the happiest as a novelist.

My favorite moment in this chapter? Probably a tie. One moment is when Raoden draws the Aon to stop the guard. A truly clever character doesn’t need a fireball or a blast of power to defeat his enemies–he simply needs a wit quick enough to manipulate the resources he has. The other moment is when Raoden arrives back at the chapel and gives the sword to Seolin. This is the story’s first big victory moment, and after this many chapters dealing with the pains and dirtiness of Elantris, I think Raoden and co. deserved it.

|   Castellano