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Annotation + Cool Sister

New Annotation, as promised.

I’d also like to point out how cool my sister is. My father’s birthday was yesterday, and he lives in New York. Apparently, one of my baby sisters (she’s 20 now, but as I repeatedly say, she’s fourteen in my head) took the initiative to fly out on her own and visit him. Nobody knew she was going–not me, not my mother, not my sister, nobody. Not even dad.

So, Jane just showed up at his office having gotten a plane ticket, found a taxi, and made her way to the office on her own, all to surprise my father for his birthday. May not sound like much, but keeping a secret like that and pulling it off is tough in my family. My mother and sister were flabbergasted.

Note: My other sister is way cool too! I’ll post about her another time.

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