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First off, new annotation: Mistborn Epilogue Part Three

I’m sorry to post this so late. I try to do four updates a week, and I usually make it–but I don’t like posting on Saturday. I try to get the last one in on Friday, but sometimes I get busy and…well, forget.

This is the last annotation for the story of the book, though I’ll probably do a few more annotations–one a wrap-up, one about the appendix. I’m sorry these last few annotations have been a bit shorter than normal; I’m writing them as I go (rather than doing them during the copy edit) since I didn’t get them finished last year. That means I’m a little removed from the book.

I’m about halfway through Liar of Partinel, and it’s going much better now. I still worry about it a little bit, since it doesn’t feel as streamlined to me as the Mistborn books were. We’ll see what I do to it once I’m done. Mistborn 3’s final edit is looming, and will probably need to be done next week sometime, so I’ll have to leave Liar yet again.

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