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Amphigory + What I’m Working On

Okay, so I’m off by a few hours. Sorry about that. I wanted to get this posted on Tuesday, but it will have to be a wee-hours Wednesday post. Scroll down for pun stupidity. Since It’s so late, I’m going to hold off on those annotations (since I have to edit them and the like) until Thursday.

Those of you who check the main page might have noticed that I did a sweeping update of the book percentages in the top left corner. I’d let this section languish, so I decided to throw up all of the projects that I know I need to get done by next year this time, along with a few projects I’d LIKE to get done by then. We’ll see how many of these I can clear off the list by then.

First off, we have the long-awaited Warbreaker draft. I really need to get to this, as it’s the book that will be coming out after Mistborn 3. Our hope was to get it out fairly quickly, perhaps at a 10 month interval, then publish the sequel sometime during the holiday season. However, before any of that can happen, I’ll need to get to revising. This is the project my agent wants me to be working on. (You’ll notice that writing the sequel is on the list of things to do as well.)

Also on the list is Alcatraz 3. 2 is done and turned in, and I’m waiting for the next round of revisions on that one. I’d like to have three turned in early, just like I did for two, and this is actually what I’m working on right now. I figure that I need to get it done before turning my attention to Warbreaker, since I’ll spend a lot of time editing there, then want to move on to do the sequel while the first one is still fresh in my mind.

The Liar of Partinel (a.k.a Dragonsteel Book One.) This is the series I’m doing after Warbreaker, so I kind of jumped the gun on writing it. But, it needed to be done because I’m going to have to let this one simmer for a long time. I’m planning a long-ish series for that one, rather than the two book quickie for Warbreaker. That means I need plenty of time to plan out and plot based on events in the first book. That means getting it done early enough to plan out the rest of the series. (I hate ‘make it up as you go along’ series.)

That leaves a couple of backburner ‘on spec’ projects. Dark One, something I’ve been trying to finish off for two years now, is a YA fantasy. The Super Secret Project is something I’m not really talking about right non (as you might have guessed) but I’ll do so eventually.

Mixed up in all of that are a bunch of other edits I need to do. I had no idea how much I’d have to juggle things like this when I got published.

Anyway, stupid pun time! Apparently, there was a big video game release last month while I was on book tour. Who knew?

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