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Amphigory + Updates

We’ll see if I have time to post another of my Ten Elements later today or not. For now, I want to make sure the regular features stay constant. (These Amphigories sometimes take a lot more time than the shoddy Photoshop job and bad puns imply. 🙂 ) If I don’t get Number Five up today, it’ll be here tomorrow for sure.

The trick to this one is to realize what it is those guys are carrying.

Because of the huge-text posts via the Ten Elements feature, I haven’t had much space to give updates on other books. Liar of Partinel (Dragonsteel One) is picking up for me, though there are some things I want to rewrite already. I’m about 25% through the book, and at regular writing speeds should be done in a couple of months. (With the rough draft, at least.) Negotiations with Tor for Warbreaker and Dragonsteel (plus sequels to each) are wrapping up, and I’m pleased with how they turned out.

It’s very nice to be writing again, rather than just editing. I think that long slump of doing only edits and revisions (November through February) might have put me in a little bit of a funk, since I’m not accustomed to going that long without writing something new. That’s what I get for pushing through four books in a row with minimal time spent editing, however.

Warbreaker tomorrow!

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