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Amphigory + Pemberly Moment

All right, this one makes up for the last one, which was decidedly weak. We’re back with a really great one this time! Are you crazy enough to figure out the pun?

For this to really work, however, you’re going to have to know what element it that atom is from. I’ll give you a hint, it’s one of the most important in the universe–at least, as far as life is concerned.

Pemberly’s computer hasn’t come yet, but in an odd twist, we got the backpack for it we ordered from the Apple store. It’s almost evil, sending us a teaser like that without the actual computer. (They were shipped from different warehouses.)

However, in a strikingly amusing moment, she of course had to try it on, then wear it around for a while. An empty backpack. When I noted that I found that strange, she explained that she ALWAYS tries things out. Once, she bought a new sleeping bag, and was so excited that she slept in it for TWO WEEKS (on her bed) just to enjoy having it. “After all,” she said, “I wasn’t going to go camping for a while, and I wanted to try it out!”

If you’ve been waiting for an email–or have posted on the TWG for me–and I haven’t responded, never fear! I’ll be getting back into my forum going and my email answering during the next couple of days. The vacation is over, and it’s back to business. You can watch the little progress bar on the main page fill up (hopefully) as I write on Dragonsteel.

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